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    Path problem when moving from Mac to PC


      Adobenoob wrote:




      I'm trying to move our Adobe InDesign installation from Mac to PC, but I ran into a path problem. A lot of our publications/documents in Adobe InDesign have linked to pictures in the filesystem (Windows 2008 R2 server). It goes like this:


      DTP:Produktbilleder:0893ny:0893_467+468_05_Agrp frit_.tif


      And is linked like this directly from InDesign.


      Billede 2.png



      The actual path is:

      /Volumes/DTP/Produktbilleder/0893ny/0893_467+468_05_Agrp frit_.tif


      On the PC I cannot use that path notation and have to go like this:


      F:\DTP\Produktbilleder\0893ny\0893_467+468_05_Agrp frit_.tif


      When the publication/document in InDesign have the Mac link "hardcoded" the PC path will not work.


      Is there a relatively easy way to get the InDesign on PC to use the Mac link or does one have to change all the "hardcoded" links in the publications/documents?


      I hope you understand my question - don't hesitate to ask for more info.


      Best Regards