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    ASP Query Stop


      I have an issue with a flash file i need assistance with, i developed the file and it works fine, i have a website at www.drsolutions.co.uk - if you go there you will see the flash file play no problems, the problem i have is to stop it re-playing when i load another page, so if you click on a link it plays over again. You will see the site is in asp is there a query i can use to the movie to stop it playing on other pages??

      Please help
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can stop your flash from playing upon link clicks but you'll still see a momentary visual effect because you're reloading your flash.

          you really shouldn't reload your flash. that would solve your problem but with your set-up might require the use of html frames.

          if you don't mind the momentary visual effect of reloading your flash, you can prevent the re-play by using the flash sharedobject. your flash set a sharedobject if a links been clicked and check for a current sharedobject when it starts. if the shared object is found, don't execute the usual start-up.