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    Pmiere Pro CS6 for Mac version 6.0.2 (072 (MC:264587)) update itself in loop

    sanchaithw Level 1

      I have the latest version of Adobe CS6 Master Collection on my Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. and it run fine except one annoying problem. When I check for update, Adobe Premiere CS6 6.0.2 upd show up and  poceed to update it. The update process went fine and successfully update Premiere Pro. I check, it's version 6.0.2 (072 (MC:264578)) after update


      When I close all CS6 app, then restart one of  tem like Photoshop, check for updates, Premiere Pro 6.0.2 update show up again. I try update it many times, andthe version is still the same.


      So the update loop repeatedly. This isnoying. It start to occur4 days back. I have updated Premiere Pro to 6.0.2 some times ago, anfor somee unknown reason, Adobe Application Manager go crazy and start loopin on Premiere Pro.


      Other updates like InCopy or InDesign have no looping problem. Only Premiere Pro have problem.


      Any friend experience the same problem as me? And please,I'd to get advise on how to solve this problem


      Thank in advance for advice