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    How to scroll down to an anchor ?


      Hi guys,


      I've been working on this since yesterday...

      Here'se the deal : I'm trying to make an interactive flowchart with Edge Animate.

      The purpose is that users will click on buttons that will give them access to a new button.

      When then Click, I want the page to automatically scroll down to the next button (smoothly if possible) like you can see on this exemple : http://sandbox.castersblues.com/infographic/landing.html

      I want to click on button A then auto scroll to button B, then click and auto scroll to button C etc.


      I tried many things from answers I found on internet, but I have'nt been able to apply them to my case.

      So here are the questions :


      - Is there a scrollTo fonction in Adobe Edge ?

      - Is it possible to create an anchor in the document ?

      - If I make a symbol, is the symbol's ID gonna be the anchor ? (I tried that but not working so far)


      I tried the javascript as described here http://www.webmuse.co.uk/blog/jquery-plugin-to-animate-scrolling-to-anchor/

      but wasn't able to make it work...


      If you have any pieces of advice, that would be a great help for me !


      Thanks everybody