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    Import Edge Animate compositions into In Design


      Hi, how do I import Edge Animate compositions into In Design..? Cheers




      p.s. perhaps i should have added: my main interest is to have the animate project imported to have it load in the adobe viewer for digital publishing. up until now I'd linked the html overlay from the standard Edge app. One of the things that caught my eye under the features for Edge animate was:



      Digital Publishing support

      Import Edge Animate compositions into the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with Adobe InDesign CS6, or into Apple iBooks Author.



      How I proceed: as per the help/resources:


      Publish as Animate Deployment Package (.oam)


      Select this export option to create a package file of your project for use in other Adobe tools. The following tools support Animate Deployment Packages: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), InDesign CS6, Dreamweaver CS6, and Muse.

      1. Select File > Publish Settings.
      2. In the Publish Settings dialog box, make sure Animate Deployment Package is selected as the publish target.
      3. Note or change the target directory.
      4. (Optional) Specify a poster image.
      5. Click Save to save the publish settings, or click Publish.


      but all i get is


      Content generation error.

      [Error: Invalid URL for Web Content Overlay]