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    Problems when editting video in Premiere Elements 10


      Hi all.


      First of all this is the specs of the work computer I am running:


      Intel Core2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.17Ghz

      8.00 GB RAM

      64 bit Windows



      I am currently using Premiere Elements 10 and I am having serious issues with running the programme. I am currently adding text to a video, step by step for the media to play on a background screen in silence.

      When I try and scroll through the timeline, even slightly my entire elements is lag spiking, my screen freezes for a few seconds then jumps way further down the teamline than where I wanted to work. When I preview the video I get the same problem, the video lags and all I see essentially is random frames. After a while the lagging will get progressively slower before crashing. The system I am using is brand new and contains F-Secure anti virus software, so I doubt that could be the problem and I have a bare system with no background programs running.


      I have been reading that some people are having problems with 64 bit elements. I am hopeful that someone may be able to give me a slight heads up .




      Jamie Steel