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    Transitions for (handle-less) computer-generated image seqences?


      I am using Premiere Pro 5.0.4 an a new iMac to create a movie out of computer generated sequences of images, imported as "numbered still images".  I can import these as cuts and arrange them in the timeline successfully.  I'm having trouble now getting video transitions to work.  I don't generate "handles" in the original sequences.  In the time-line I use the razor tool to cut the first and last frame off, and then I change the duration of these frames to be 2 seconds.  Let's say I have the end E1 of the first sequence and the beginning B2 of the second sequence handled in this way, so they lie adjacent in the time-line, each lasting two seconds.  How can I apply a video transition to blend (for example) between E1 and B2?  When I drag the LinearBlending effect from the video effects bin onto the cut line between E1 and B2 in the timeline, I don't get the "centered at cut" icon like I expect. I get a '+' icon, and when I drop the effect, nothing seems to happen in the timeline.  In general, is there any documentation specific for users like me who are editing computer generated imagery in Premiere Pro? Almost everything I've found is directed at images coming in from cameras. Thanks in advance.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          First, why are you editing in sequences?  There should be no problem at all adding each clip to the same sequence.


          Second, you need to cut out more than the last frame.  For 24fps, you need to chop off 12 frames from the end of one and another 12 from the beginning of the next.  For 30 fps, you need 15.  Etc.


          Next, effects generally apply to a clip, not to an edit point.  Just use the Film Dissolve under Transitions.


          Give that a go and things should work for you.