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    Digital Editions account

    mauro 80

      Hi, I have to open a document with Digital Editions, the document has been downloaded with the account of one of my colleague; when opening the file on my pc, obviously Digital Editions stops because account on pc and account on the file do not match. I need to reset my authorization to reinstall digital editions with my collague account in order to open that document on my PC. Somebody can help me please?


      Thanks to anybody who will answer

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          Mandhir Bhatiaa Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          We really apologize for all the inconvenience which has caused you.


          Can you please provide us with both the Adobe ID which has issues so that we can check the same


          In the meanwhile if these steps doesnt resolve your issues you can contact Adobe support by following the link below:






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            mauro 80 Level 1



            thanks for answering me.




            The account used to download the file:






            The account of Digital Editions on my pc:






            Best regards


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            Re: Digital Editions account



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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              You will either need to contact the e-book provider to reset the activation or authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your computer using your colleagues account.


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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                Sorry, but Jeff's answer is slightly off.  The ebook provider cannot reset

                the activation.  And that has nothing to do with the situation as I

                understand it.


                What's missing from the discussion is the framework here.  Ebooks can be

                shared or not, depending on the digital rights assigned to them by the

                publisher, distributor or author.  People who download them should not

                assume that they can share an ebook as they do with a printed book.  Before

                you do anything else, check the digital rights of the ebook you're talking

                about.  If it's on your colleague's computer, open Digital Editions in

                Library mode.  Then hover your cursor over the arrow next to the ebook's

                name.  A drop-down menu will appear, and one choice is "Item Info".  Click

                on that choice, and a submenu will show you information about the ebook.

                The middle entries will tell you whether copying is allowed.  If it is,

                then you could transfer the ebook to your computer via Digital Editions,

                and read it there or download it to an ereader.  If not, then you have to

                contact the ebook provider and get another download from him to your

                computer and under your Adobe ID.


                It may be possible to authorize your computer with your colleague's ID

                (assuming he has registered with Adobe), but that will not let you copy the

                ebook to your computer.



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                  mauro 80 Level 1

                  ok thank you very much.


                  the "Item info" states that copy is not allowed, but the document can be viewed on any device; but this requires the same account of Digital Editions as the one used to download the file, right?


                  so now i should authorize my computer with my colleague's ID, but the choice " authorize computer" on help menu (ctrl+shift+U)  is not available.


                  there is another path for this?

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                    mauro 80 Level 1

                    thank you and sorry for my mistakes.

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      Mauro, you're welcome.  But you will not like the next part, I think.


                      If the Item Info says that copying is not allowed, then the ebook must stay

                      on your colleague's computer.  Your solution will not work because the

                      ebook's digital rights file keeps track of the computer and the Adobe

                      ID.  You cannot download the ebook to an ereader either.



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                        mauro 80 Level 1

                        I'm realizing that it's as you say...every attempt lead to the same results...failure

                        but, the editor says that you can install the book on six devices. and if i try to reinstall digital edition on my pc, installation procedure does not ask for account, it goes straight to the end and when you start the software it is already authorized with my original account.


                        so, I will contact the editor to know what I have to do to have the book available on different pc; it is a very important book for my company, we need to have it shared between us.


                        thank you for support

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                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                          The installation of ebooks depends on the digital rights that they have.

                          The editor could remove the restriction on copying if he can, but it's

                          possible that the restriction was set by the publisher and he cannot.  In

                          that case, everyone who wishes to get a digital copy of the ebook would

                          have to purchase it and download it.