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    Reload already imported symbols?


      Hi, how can I reload already imported symbols?

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Bolerony,


          Can you clarify what you mean by "reload"?


          If you've already imported a symbol into your library, you can access the symbol via the "Library/Symbols" panel. You can drag/drop the symbol from the library onto the Stage.


          See this video example fo working with an imported symbol:


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            Bolerony Level 1

            Hi TimJaramillo,

                 Yes, I can clarify ...after I ipmorted an symbol in my library and placed it onto Stage (more than once), "she" send me the new version of this symbol and I need to replace\update the old version in my library and Stage with the new one without deleting the old instances with their correct positions and placing the new version to the same positions. Just update - reload  the symbols with importing the new version of same exported symbol\library.

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              sarhunt Adobe Employee

              Hi Bolerony,


              You cannot reload symbols as once they're imported they become unique to the composition and are not linked to the .ansym file - you can only reimport them.




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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Actually Sarah, I do it by just saving over images in the images folder. Then Edge updates the image.

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                  sarhunt Adobe Employee

                  That's a good suggestion! Though if any of the scripting changes they would have to be reloaded

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                    Endoplasmic Level 2

                    I wanted to bump this thread back up since this is an issue that I've just run into.


                    When working in a team environment with Edge it's very common to divide and conquer, but the huge issue is that when an external symbol is updated, there is no way to update this in Edge.


                    May I suggest doing what Flash Professional does? In the properties of an imported asset there is a nice "Update" button which reloads the asset associated with the path it came from in the first place. This would be a great solution to this issue (although dynamically checking for changes would be even better... baby steps).


                    So your workflow could be a folder that has shared symbols (.ansym files) then within Edge being able to right-click and "Update" that asset when you're given a new version.

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                      sarhunt Adobe Employee

                      This good feedback, thanks for the suggestion.

                      Right now imported symbols aren't linked to the symbol source. When you load an .ansym file, it unpackages and becomes a part of the composition free for you to edit and modify without altering the original source.


                      I can see how both behaviours would be desirable - wanting to modify the original symbol as a base to get started with some common behaviours, but in a seperate case keep the symbol as a linked asset like a Smart Object.


                      We've been thinking about what the concept of a component library would look like which is the former use case. Sounds like what you're looking for. Again thanks for the feedback!



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                        Endoplasmic Level 2

                        Thanks for the reply, and hopefully "we've been thinking about" is something that comes down the pipe sooner than later. Being able to have a "Smart Object" type of imported asset will bring the app right up to where it should be!


                        Even to please both crowds a dialog box that is displayed when importing a .ansym file that just says "Import as a reference" or "Import as a copy". The reference file can not be edited (and bonus points would be double clicking it would open the reference in Edge to edit) and the copy version works as imported symbols do today.