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    URGENT! Publish With External Video Taking Forever

    Ty Morton

      We are developing a custom flash video player, with buttons that navigate to various cue points in a 1'06" video.


      The video is F4V format, exported directly out of Premiere CS6, and is only 7.6MB (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7x6abs9rfm88vcn/NewCVVideo.f4v).


      When selecting either Publish or Publish Prieview (essentially the same, I know), Flash will spend hours publishing the SWF.


      We've re-encoded the video several times, both with and without embedded cue points, but no avail. Also, it takes no time at all to import.


      What could be the problem?


      On a related note:


      The video was created to be 703x281 (don't ask), as is the stage in my FLA file. When I import it, however, the Properties pane says it's 639x281.


      What would cause that, and could the two be related?