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    problems with dreamweaver


      importing existing business catalyst sites into dreamweaver problem

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          Please include more details about the problem and use a more descriptive subject line. Virtually all posts here are in regards to  'problems with dreamweaver'

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            HollyFayeStevens1988 Level 1



            Sorry, below are more details.


            I currently have two sites off business catalyst and have recently purchased the creative cloud monthly membership.  I would now like to import my existing two business catalyst sites into dreamweaver.  Therefore I go to manage sites, then import sites, when i go to import sites it says an account with the same email already exists.  please log in to business catalyst administration console, once i do this nothing happens,


            Therefore my question is how to I have access to both the sites I am currently using with out experiencing these problems.


            My further question is;


            What application is best to compose newsletters on then import into business catalyst for use in email campaigns, as I find the current method of creating newsletters in business catalyst complicated.


            Many thanks



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              Anita Adamski

              Holly, when I had this (similar?) problem I had to clear the cache in my browser, or clear browsing data, then the log-in process worked. I was getting help from Adobe Live Chat at the time, they figured it out for me. Good luck.