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    Watermark Layer


      I would like to specfiy the layer where the watermark is placed so I can make it visable or hidden by hiding the layer.  Is there a way to specify which layer to put the watermark on?

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          Hi Dave,


          I'm the last guy you want to listen to as I'm only just starting to try and learn ... but until you get a real answer....


          Try opening ESTK, hit F1 (for the OMV) and do a search for watermark - there's a bunch of stuff to study.


          Assuming that your watermarks exist, then consider maybe playing around with something like this:


          myWatermarkLayer = app.activeDocument.layers.add ({name: "watermarks"});

          app.activeDocument.rectangles.everyItem().itemWatermarkLayer = myWatermarkLayer;


          This won't do what you want (as it will move all graphics to the new layer), but it may help you discover what will.


          Have fun working through it and please indicate when / how you do.