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    Two BCMV Trees in a Project

    Petrula Level 1

      CS6 Production Premium Suite


      Nvidia GForce GTX 470

      Canon XA10


      I have 2 one hour continuous talks which I record on separate SDHC cards.

      I create a Premiere project called MyProject.

      I copy the BDMV file tree from each to

      Talk 1 folder

      Talk 2 folder

      Later, I have to move MyProject to a different disk and directory.

      In opening MyProject, Premiere asks the location of 00000.MTS.

      But separate 00000.MTS files are in the Talk 1 and Talk 2 folders.

      So I have no idea which one Premiere wants.


      I cannot rename the 00000.MTS files because they each are part of spanned sets.


      What is the best process for handling this situation.


      Thanks in advance.