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    Data merge CS5, will not create multiple records.

    Kimberli Burns

      I have my base elements on the master page and two text boxes on page 1 on of a single page document. I am creating raffle tickets so there is box on the left side of the page and the right side of the page. I need this step 3 times down the sheet.


      I've tried using a comma delimited and tab delimited file. These files have two columns with numbers 1-500 and each with a different heading. Ticket 1 and Ticket 2.


      When I turn on multiple records nothing step and repeats. It looks exactly the same as a single record. I make raffle tickets like these quite often but the template I've used for the last few years is 1 up, built to the size of the ticket, and everything works great. I end up with 500 pages, send through our impositioning software then print.


      In this case, my client wants to print the files themselves and have them stepped up 4 per sheet.


      Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?