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    Ellipse Tool Bug

    Dam4222 Level 1



      I am having an issue with the Ellipse tool. I have drawn a perfect Circle and in Edge it appears that way. However, when I preview in the browser it changes to a rectangle and it changes position relative to the other buttons. See my project below. Any help is much appreciated...





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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Adam,


          It looks like the "percent based layout" feature is getting in your way. When I preview your file, the circle becomes an oval, not a square (based on your percent settings).


          You have percent values set for width and height of the circle. Select the circle, then in the "Properties/Position and Size" panel, just click the "%" symbol next to "W" and "H" (width and height), and it will change to pixels, and then your circle won't change to an oval when you preview.


          To stop the circle from changing position, select the circle, then click the "%" symbol under "Properties/Position and Size" panel, next to "L" and "T" (left and top).


          Let me know how it goes!

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            Dam4222 Level 1

            Hi Tim,


            Thanks for the quick response. What if I want the layout to be responsive? That is the reason I changed them to % in the first place. Is there a way to do this? is this a bug?


            Thanks for your help.



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              TimJaramillo Level 4

              Hey Adam,


              If you want the layout to be responsive, you can keep the "%" for "L" and "T", but change to "px" for "W" and "H" properties. That way, your object will be positioned dynamically, but the width and height of the object won't change.


              Also, note that if you want to pin objects to the right side, for example, you can click the top right square (of the 4 little squares) in the "Properties/Position and Size" panel at top left.


              Also, as long as your Stage "W" and "H" are set to percent, you can position objects via a pixel value (say if you wanted your ellipse to always be 20 pixels from the right said). by chaning the "%" to "px".