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    Using a script to call named destinations causes blank pages

    Steve_Chapman Level 1

      My first post in the Adobe forums. I realize that this may not be exactly the right location for this question, but this forum seemed to be the closest to what I need.


      We are trying to use the following script to call named destinations in an Acrobat X PDF file. Note that this script is just a sample for testing. The actual function would be embedded in the product GUI.





          COLOR: #003774;

          FONT-SIZE: 80%;

          FONT-FAMILY: arial, verdana, trebuchet MS, Tahoma, sans-serif;

      background: #ffffff;






      function users()


      document.open("/product/Documentation/SystemAdmin.pdf#NamedDestUsers", "PageHelp", "copyhistory=0,directories=0,location=0,menubar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=0,toolb ar=0");



      function trunks()


      document.open("/product/Documentation/SystemAdmin.pdf#NamedDestTrunks", "PageHelp", "copyhistory=0,directories=0,location=0,menubar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=0,toolb ar=0");





      <a href=# onclick="users()"> Click to show user config pdf </a>


      <a href=# onclick="trunks()"> Click to show trunk config pdf </a>


      When we click the link to call the first destination, Users, for example, the file opens fine at the appropriate location. However, when we click a subsequent link, it tries to open in the same window and just freezes. All we see is a blank page. We realize that we could force it to open in new window each time, but since this is a fairly large file, we'd rather not do that. All these destinations are in the same file and we just want it to display a different destination in that file.


      If you have any suggestions for either changes to the PDF or changes to the script, I would very much appreciate hearing about them. By the way, we're using the TimeSaver untility to standardize the named destinations.