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    CFMail and deliverability

      Has anyone been able to use CFmail and personal email certificates like those available with Thawte?

      My goal is to see what I can do to increase deliverability.
      Hosting a number of sites I run into deliverability issues from time to time. Usually cfmail emails hit the bulk email box..

      I use SPF and multiple ips per domain and set server to the mailserver on the cfmail tag..
      Anyone know what else we can do.
      My hunch is that since on the cfadministrator you are limited to declare a single mail server, that server is tagged as a bulk sender..
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          Neo Rye Level 1
          We send all of our outgoing message to a queue first, so they are all in a database table to start.
          We then have a scheduled task that takes those messages and throttles outgoing as well as prioritize oneoffs and make sure duplicates don't go out. You then only have one place to deal with cfmail, all other places are inserts into the database. Cfmail allows you to specify outgoing servers in the tag and not just the administrator, so I’d set the outgoing mail servers here, maybe pulled from the database along with the message, so each doamin can have their own outgoing email server.
          If they send less than 500 messages a day, you could set up email servers with gmail’s account for domains and send it through their email server. If you send more than that per domain, then you should look at PowerMTA ($3k) or StrongMail ($20k).
          Do not try to include any tracking images as these get flagged as bulk email. You also need to test the message and make sure it does not “appear” as SPAM. I’ve seen integation with Spam Assasin to test message prior to sending, so you might want to look around for that.