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    Keyboard Shortcuts


      Can anyone please tell me where to find a list of keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Edge Animate?  Right this minute, I'm interested in how to advance one hundredth of a second at a time forwards or backwards on the timeline.  I've tried keys like the arrow keys and period and comma keys and they don't work.  A search on the adobe website and Edge forum didn't produce an answer, and a search for information within Edge didn't come up with anything either.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and go through the list for Timeline section. Some commands are assigned, others are not- up to you if you want to assign something.


          Though I don't think the approach you want is available.



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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here it is!



                      Copy          Ctrl+C

                      Cut          Ctrl+X

                      Delete          Backspace, Del

                      Duplicate          Ctrl+D

                      Keyboard Shortcuts          Alt+K

                      Paste          Ctrl+V

                      Paste Actions

                      Paste All          Ctrl+Alt+V

                      Paste Inverted

                      Paste Transitions from Location          Ctrl+Shift+V

                      Paste Transitions to Location

                      Redo          Ctrl+Shift+Z

                      Select All          Ctrl+A


                      Undo          Ctrl+Z




                      Clear Recent Files List

                      Close          Ctrl+W

                      Close All          Ctrl+Alt+W

                      Exit          Ctrl+Q

                      Import          Ctrl+I

                      New          Ctrl+N

                      Open          Ctrl+O

                      Preview in Browser          Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Return

                      Publish          Ctrl+Alt+S

                      Publish Settings


                      Save          Ctrl+S

                      Save As          Ctrl+Shift+S




                      About Edge Animate

                      Change Language




                      Align Bottom

                      Align Horizontal Center

                      Align Left

                      Align Right

                      Align Top

                      Align Vertical Center

                      Bring Forward          Ctrl+]

                      Bring to Front          Ctrl+Shift+]

                      Convert to Symbol          Ctrl+Y

                      Distribute Bottom

                      Distribute Horizontal Center

                      Distribute Left

                      Distribute Right

                      Distribute Top

                      Distribute Vertical Center

                      Edit Symbol

                      Group Elements          Ctrl+G

                      Send Backward          Ctrl+[

                      Send to Back          Ctrl+Shift+[

                      Ungroup Elements          Ctrl+Shift+G




                      Nudge Down          Down Arrow

                      Nudge Down 10px          Shift+Down Arrow

                      Nudge Left          Left Arrow

                      Nudge Left 10px          Shift+Left Arrow

                      Nudge Right          Right Arrow

                      Nudge Right 10px          Shift+Right Arrow

                      Nudge Up          Up Arrow

                      Nudge Up 10px          Shift+Up Arrow




                      Add Background Color Keyframe

                      Add Background Position Keyframe

                      Add Background Size Keyframe

                      Add Border Color Keyframe

                      Add Border Width Keyframe

                      Add Bottom Keyframe

                      Add Bottom Left Radius Keyframe

                      Add Bottom Right Radius Keyframe

                      Add Box Shadow Blur Radius Keyframe

                      Add Box Shadow Color Keyframe

                      Add Box Shadow Offset (h) Keyframe

                      Add Box Shadow Offset (v) Keyframe

                      Add Box Shadow Spread Keyframe

                      Add Clip Keyframe

                      Add Display Keyframe

                      Add Font Size Keyframe

                      Add Height Keyframe

                      Add Left Keyframe

                      Add Letter Spacing Keyframe

                      Add Line Height Keyframe

                      Add Opacity Keyframe

                      Add Right Keyframe

                      Add Rotate Keyframe

                      Add Scale (x) Keyframe

                      Add Scale (y) Keyframe

                      Add Skew (x) Keyframe

                      Add Skew(y) Keyframe

                      Add Text Color Keyframe

                      Add Text Indent Keyframe

                      Add Text Shadow Blur Radius Keyframe

                      Add Text Shadow Color Keyframe

                      Add Text Shadow Offset (h) Keyframe

                      Add Text Shadow Offset (v) Keyframe

                      Add Top Keyframe

                      Add Top Left Radius Keyframe

                      Add Top Right Radius Keyframe

                      Add Transform Origin Keyframe

                      Add Translate (x) Keyframe

                      Add Translate (y) Keyframe

                      Add Width Keyframe

                      Add Word Spacing Keyframe

                      Auto-Keyframe Mode          K

                      Auto-Transition Mode          X

                      Create Transitions From Keyframes          Ctrl+Shift+T

                      Expand/Collapse All          Ctrl+Shift+Num ., Ctrl+Shift+.

                      Expand/Collapse Selected          Ctrl+Num ., Ctrl+.

                      Flip Playhead and Pin          Shift+P

                      Grid 0.1 second

                      Grid 0.25 second

                      Grid 0.5 second

                      Grid 1 second

                      Grid 15 fps

                      Grid 24 fps

                      Grid 30 fps

                      Insert Label          Ctrl+L

                      Insert Time          Alt+T

                      Insert Trigger          Ctrl+T

                      Invert Transitions

                      Keyframe Faster

                      Keyframe Faster Extend

                      Keyframe Slower

                      Keyframe Slower Extend

                      Remove Transitions          Shift+Backspace, Shift+Del

                      Show Grid

                      Snap to Grid

                      Snap to Keyframes, Labels, Triggers

                      Snap to Playhead

                      Snapping          Alt+;

                      Toggle Pin          P

                      Zoom Timeline In Horizontally          Num +, =

                      Zoom Timeline Out Horizontally          Num -, -

                      Zoom Timeline to Fit Horizontally          \




                      Clipping          C

                      Ellipse          O

                      Rectangle          M

                      Rounded Rectangle          R

                      Selection          V

                      Text          T

                      Transform          Q




                      Go to End          End

                      Go to Next Keyframe          Ctrl+Right Arrow

                      Go to Previous Keyframe          Ctrl+Left Arrow

                      Go to Start          Home

                      Play/Stop          Space

                      Return          Enter, Return




                      Down-level Stage

                      Enable Smart Guides          Ctrl+U

                      Guides          Ctrl+;

                      Lock Guides          Shift+Alt+;

                      Preloader Stage

                      Rulers          Ctrl+R

                      Snap to Guides          Ctrl+Shift+;

                      Zoom In Stage          Ctrl+Num +, Ctrl+=

                      Zoom Out Stage          Ctrl+Num -, Ctrl+-

                      Zoom Stage Actual Size          Ctrl+Num 1, Ctrl+1




                      Code          Ctrl+E




                      Maximize Frame          `

                      Next Open Composition          Ctrl+`

                      Previous Open Composition          Ctrl+Shift+`







                      Delete Workspace

                      New Workspace

                      Restore Workspace

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can add whatever you like to the ones that do not have  a shortcut.

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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Also, I think it is possible to zoom into the timeline in order to get more precise moves but I am not sure about shortcuts for that.

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                  labmedia Level 1

                  Thanks for the responses.  I was blind to the shortcuts window accessible from the edit menu, but as Darrell pointed out

                  it doesn't tell you how to advance one unit of time at a time using the keyboard.  Yes, you can input an exact time in the

                  box that's between the stage and the timeline, but it seems that this essential keyboard shortcut is missing.  There's no

                  way to add a shortcut for that either.  I appreciate both of your responses.  I'm sure I'll have more questions along the

                  way, probably routinely.

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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    Hi, labmedia-


                    How would you define "unit of time?"  We currently think of it as milliseconds, which makes the jump to the next unit of time kind of arbitrary.  Do we jump to the next millisecond, to the next tick in the timeline (which depends on the zoom level), or elsewhere?  Let us know what you think.


                    BTW, you can zoom in/out by highlighting the Timeline panel and pressing either - or = (no Ctrl), although those keys vary by region.






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                      looks like this thread may have died but...

                      to answer the question, the "unit of time" could be defined in the preferences as a decimal or even better as a fraction of a second for those of us that are used to animating in video and flash. Fractions would give us who are used to framrates like 30fps and 24fps a little more traction. Thanks.

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                        elainecc Adobe Employee

                        Hi, sandersd-


                        We do have a couple of ways to display in 1/30th and 1/24th of a second, although we don't support specific fps.  You can snap to these in the timeline as well.  Hope this helps!