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    Best practices for multiple users on a network?


      We have a centralized server storing all of our media, and a Final Share system allowing about 10 clients to connect.  The details of the system aren't important, it mounts just like a local drive on each client and bandwidth is higher than FW800.


      My question is what is the best way to handle cache files, sidecar files, autosave, etc. when passing edits between editors?  What should be stored locally, what can be placed on the server?  Of course all media has to be placed on the server, but can everything else sit alongside the footage? 


      The reason I ask is we started by pointing everything at the server, but now are having the good old Serious Error whenever two editors (in different project files) are referencing the same media.  We'd love to resolve this... assistant editors can't log footage if doing so causes the editor's project file to lock up. 




      P.S. first tried called adobe phone support about this... not making that mistake again.  The most apathetic customer service rep I think I've ever spoken with told me they wouldn't provide support because our Serious Error was the result of network issues and not their fault.  And then that we should be storing our media files locally.  I didn't see it necessary to mention that local storage on 10 machines isn't that viable with almost 50TB of data.