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    How do you edit the HTML export template?

    BigQuiver Level 1

      Fireworks HTML and images export does not render correctly when viewing in IE9 due to the default browser padding values.  I'm a little disappointed the Fireworks dev team didn't see this coming and add some code to prevent this rendering issue.  Anyway... I've come up with a work around to edit the html pages by adding my own style sheet which includes the yahoo CSS reset styles to take care of this problem and it works great.  The only problem is, adding it to every page of a multiple page export is tedious.  So, I'd like to directly edit the HTML template fireworks uses to generate the html in the head of each page it exports so it includes a reference to my own external style sheet.  I just need to know where/if I can make this change.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          groove25 Level 4

          I've never tried it, but the HTML Code folder inside Fireworks' application Configuration folder contains a number of items related to HTML Export. (Incidentally, I'd never mess with this folder without first saving a backup, and even then it's at your own risk.)


          There's no simple HTML template file here, but there are files like "DreamweaverLibrary.htt", which is a "hypertext template" file that looks a lot like JavaScript to me. So if you're comfortable modifying JavaScript, then you could take a crack at it. I'm not sure, but it looks like this library file might govern what gets written into the head of an exported HTML document. If not, you could try a different one.


          Another, less invasive approach might be to do some kind of Find and Replace on the exported HTML documents—using Dreamweaver or a text editor.