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    Assign Different actions to created Child Symbols

    Vinay Nellagi

      I happened to look at post here http://forums.adobe.com/message/4642746#4642746 guiding how to assign different actions to various instances of a symbol. I am having a hard time undertsanding how to implement it using bindSymbolAction().


      I tried using bindElementAction but then all the child symbols does the same.


      Baiscally  here is what I have tried - http://www.dealsdrizzle.com/research/test1.html


      On the click of the text I generate 9 Child Symbols using a for loop.

      On the click of the created Symbols I want to change the text in a DIV, based on which Symbol I click on. However, all the Created symbols seems to be doing all the same.


      Here is the source - http://www.dealsdrizzle.com/research/research.zip


      Please can someone give me an example of how to use it. or an alternate solution.