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    Question: how can I tell Bridge I want to set PS CS5 as the default program for opening .psd files


      How do I change a specific file type association in Bridge CS5, namely the .psd file type? I had installed Photoshop CS6, but am unable to use it due to extreme slowness (another problem, not for this question). I have reverted to using Photoshop CS5 and Bridge CS5.


      Now when I double-click on a .psd file in Bridge CS5 to open it (or right-click on the .psd file) , the file opens up in the glacially slow CS6. I went to edt>preferences>file type associations to change the association to Photoshop CS5, but .psd is not listed as a file type (.jpg and .dng and a host of other file types are listed). How can I change the association if I cannot find the file type? (BTW: I have changed the file type association in Windows Explorer; I am running Windows XP.) I know I can open PS CS5 manually and scroll to the image I want to open but, to my mind, that defeats one of the main purposes of Bridge.


      Any advice you can offer would be gratefully received.


      Thank you.