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    CS 6 Indd to Epub TOC and Cross reference mystery/misery

    Any Less

      Hi all,


      After several days of scavenging the internet for answers I finally decided to seek help here....


      TOC and guide is the main source of my headache righ now. My TOC is relatively long - nearly 100 chapters. Luckily the navigational TOC turned out just fine, but the inline - I  could not get to work. When I inserted new pages and dropped the TOC there, after export to ePub the contents were sometimes cross refferenced but the new pages were either not visible at all or they could be found at the end of the whole publication or the new  pages were visible but the TOC was just a plain text.

      Finally I have given up, pasted 1-98 chapter into the text just before the first chapter and cross refferenced all 98 chapters manually - in the end it was faster than the 2 days I spent trying to make it work automatically.


      My problem now is that those 98 chapter TOC spreads over 3 pages no matter what I do. If I split the text frame in 3 columns or just place 3 text frames on 1 page and reflow - it all looks good untill imported to ePub. (tested on ADE and in Mozzila ePub add on) I read on forums that eReaders ignore columns - any idea how I may get this to work? I have considered a table but it did not work very well either......


      My second question is related to guide - I'm trying to have the word "cover" linked (cross referenced)  to cover image but so far I found no way to do this.

      Also the text "Title Page" - when I try to link (cross refference) to the corresponding page/paragraph the text "Title Page" changes to the name of the manuscript but I would like to keep the text "Title Page".  I also intend to use the text "author, dedication and copyright Page" in the guide and would preffer the label remains "author, dedication, etc). Any chance to do this in indd somehow or will I need to edit the ePub file in notepad++


      My third question is whether you would recommend using Georgia type over Times New Roman as Georgia seems to be installed on majority eReaders, which can be changed on the eReader itself, but no statistic as to how many people actually use this function so I would like to stick with something that will give the reader the least problems.


      And finally the last question - my layout is approximately 6x9 (text only)  - would you think that my bet bet is to turn it into liguid Layout and than to create alternate layout for iPad, Kobo etc and export as ePub - or as i assume those layouts have nothing to do with ePub format and the 6x 9 will work across all platforms, scale and expand by itself ....no? I though so....


      Thank you all in advance for your input !

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start by telling us what version of InDesign you're using. Are you updated (in CS6, for example, the 8.01 update fixes several EPUB problems).


          I've only done one EPUB with an inline TOC and it was short, so I have no experience with one for 100 chapters. Do you really need it?


          Liquid layout and alternate layout have nothing to do with EPUB at this time.


          I don't understand your second question. Regarding the third question, I usually let the EPUB come up in the default font. I haven't played around with embedding fonts.

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            Any Less Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            thanks for your feedback. In the meantime I managed to get everything to work the way I want (more or less). Thanks again, Any

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              Hi Any Less,

              Glad to hear you've solved the TOC and guide problems. But since I and possibly others have also encountered this kind of dilemma, can you please share HOW you solved the problems? Thanks in advance!

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                Any Less Level 1

                Hi Barb,

                You can either do as Steve suggested above - do you really need 100 chapters - yes I did need 100 chapters indeed and had no intentions of "shortening" the pubalication in order to please either adobe or an ereader.


                But my solutions to this is not going to make you happy either - i went ahead and simply created 3 column /35 row cells  and cross refferenced by hand - the problem is that even though you can get the table fit on 1 page by some tweaking the "anchors" will inherit Hyperlink color and decoration so basicly they are blue and underlined, this can be changed and if I remember right this was acheived by creating and applying new character style and paragraph style.  (still  I doubt the table  will fit on 1 page on all readers and even  less when in horizontal posiiton)


                The other ugly thing is that even though the properties of the table were set to none, based on preview on Ade, e-readers would still add black border around each cell. If someone found a way around it - please respond to this post.


                The biggest headache is anchoring images - took me hours to cross refference the cover and today still not sure how I achieved it.


                I'm a 6 year user of other Adobe products and only started using inDesign few months back. Their products are very complex but you can achieve great result - if all works as should. Unfortunately it only works great for the basic stuff, once you try something little advanced you are likely to encounter buggs which Adobe is sloooooow to correct and if they can't they simply remove the function in next version. And they make horrible job by teaching people how to use their product......   Adobe could do so much better but in a sense they are a company for themselves....


                Don't forget to check out  indd /ePub videos on youtube by Anne Marie Concepcion. Her tutorials are highly informative and helped me a great deal. If I relied for help on this forum I would have still be stuck on the title page.....


                Good luck to you


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                  barbw50 Level 1

                  Thanks for the details, Any Less.


                  I'd love to hear from Anne Marie or Steve on whether linking the cover and title pages to guide, and changing the hyperlink style, table cell border style, etc. are still things that we would have to do by exporting the EPUB file, unzipping it and tweaking  the CSS file---or whether they can suggest a way to specify these settings directly in InDesign and not have to unzip and fiddle with the exported files (which  seems to create more problems for me than solutions).


                  Keeping my fingers crossed that there's an easier way...


                  I've been working with ID CS5.5 and just ordered the CS6 upgrade package, so would also love to hear if any of these problems have been resolved in CS6 (8.0.1).

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                    New-ish to working with InDesign and EPUBS. Had been working in CS5 on a book, excited by some of the new layout possibilities, just upgraded to 6. Now, I'm having a tough time getting what I had to work, let alone any of the new features.


                    My questions are too numerous — and probably too basic — for this forum. Can anybody recommend a good resource — book, ebook, site, videos — on working with EPUB and CS6?

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                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Two resources: Ebooks by Elizabeth Castro:




                      Also Anne-Marie Concepcion's Lynda.com videos on CS5 and CS5.5 (the one for CS6 is due out soon). If he's not too busy with Hurricane Sandy, Bob may be able to give you a link to a free week.

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                        bramjm Level 1

                        Thanks — I was eyeing up both those sources, but they don't seem to have anything on 6 yet. Some of the problems I'm having got me thinking that there are some significant differences between 5.5 and 6.