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    Automation problems

      I am trying to automate the selection from a combo box that requires scrolling of the list of choices. The automation children only appear to include the visible choices, so scrolling is required. I have tried sending a scroll event to the combo box and to the list, and with position and detail values set to get it to the bottom. But, so far it is not scrolling. Any help would be appreciated.

      I have also tried setting the selectedItem property which makes a selection, but is not firing the change event.

      This has all been with beta 3.
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          Ajit_Gosavi Level 1
          sending scroll event works fine with combobox. Try recording the scroll event it will record all the parameters then you can copy that script line and use it whenever you require to select non-visible item.

          You can alternatively shift to selecIndex method which can select invisible items as well.
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            Michael_Latta Level 1
            I have tried selectIndex. This performs the selection, but does not fire the Change event which the rest of the app is listening for. I ended up using some custom code in the agent to do both selectIndex and dispatchEvent to get the automation to do what a user click does. I will probably retest when I get the released version installed.