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    WYSI *NOT* WYG -- problems with Use Maximum Render Quality setting for output

    dhl1 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I originally posted this question at this Creative COW forum but didn't get many responses so I'm posting here in hopes that someone from Adobe might shed some light on what's going on and how to deal with this issue.


      I'm enjoying my transition to Premiere Pro 6 very much and so far it's working well. I recently used it on a simple job. Doing the job itself was a breeze, but I ran into an output problem that surprised me. I'm hoping you can help.


      My workflow involved sending my client h.264 previews, as well as screen grabs made using the Export Frame button in the Program monitor.


      When the video was finished, I exported to ProRes 422 with the Use Maximum Render Quality setting checked (I left it off for the h.264 previews).


      I was surprised that the final render for a particular effect was so much lighter than the screen grab and h.264 client previews. I did a test render to ProRes with Maximum Render Quality off and the shot looked correct. I don't think this is a gamma bug. Based on my tests, Maximum Render Quality is significantly changing the way the video looks in this shot.


      The effect I was going for was a shaped spotlight. I made a white filled polygon over a black background in the titler tool and overlaid it on top of the video below at 60% opacity. In the end, I went with a different technique, in part because of the inconsistency between the previews and the final. Here are screen shots:



      Question: how can I avoid this in the future? What do I need to do to make sure what I see in the Program monitor is *exactly* what I'll get in my final render? Adobe folks, any advice?


      Thank you for your help!