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    Artistic Filter Folder and Saving Scanned Photos

    EdwurdAdam Level 1

      I have 3 questions


      In Photoshop CS 6, I noticed that some of the filters I use (Mostly The Cut Out Filter in the Artistic Folder) is not on the filter dropdown list anymore like it has been on other versions of Photoshop.  I have to go to FILTER GALLERY   Then I go to ARTISTIC then I can see the Cut Out Filter. My questiion to you is: Is there any way I can make the Artistic Folder, or any other Filter Folder in the Filter Gallery a part of the Filter dop down list? This would be be a little faster and save me a few clicks with the mouse.


      Question # 2.


      I have an EPSON 3490 Scanner and I scanned a document into PS 6 and it asks me to save it in a folder before I can open it up in Photoshop. Can I just Scan it in, and then decide where I want to save it? This was always the way in every other version of Photoshop. I really do not want to have 2 versions of the same picture on my computer.


      Question # 3


      Why does it always save as a .jpeg when I scan using Photoshop? I would like to always save it as a .psd as it scans in to Photoshop.



      Thanks in Advance.