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    Following scripting functionality?


      We've got a tablet web application with a lot of ajax functionality. I've noticed that the remote device doesn't follow Chrome on some of these requests. Is there something I can do to keep the remote device in sync? After I "catch up" on it by manually navigating on the device, it seems to be disconnected from the remote Chrome dev tools. I end up having to navigate to the state I need by manually scripting in the console, which is super tedious...




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          Matt M Johnson Adobe Employee


          In the situation you are describing, the ajax calls are not updating the URL in the browser correct?  If not, then we don't currently have a way to propagate these across the devices.  If they do update the URL, then it should and we'll have to figure out why that's going wrong.


          There may be a bug with in keeping the remote connection alive when you're interacting with the device.  We'll play around and try to reproduce this, but if you have a simple test case or example page that shows it, that would certainly help.




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            fudder Level 1

            You're correct, there's no url modification in these cases. That explains why it works in some places - we save some state to the hash, but not everything.