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    inserting images sometimes are copied to image folder, sometime not!

    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I am getting a little confused about how images are added to the folders.


      I usually create an Assets folder where I put my psd files and then saved-for-web  png or jpg files. Then, I insert the graphic files into Edge Animate (EA).


      Most of the time when I load images from the Assets folder, they are copied (by EA) to the images folder. Sometimes the images are kept in the Assets folder.


      Is there a reason for this happening?  A little frustrating because I need to zip my EA piece folder for it to be inserted in our curriculum system. This means that if EA decided to not copy the images to the images folder, now I have to include the Assets folder in the zipped file which is not good since it contains the psd files that are not only large but not needed.


      Of course, I could delete the images in Edge and re-insert them and see if they are now copied to the image folder. This however is inconvenient especially since things are renamed every time they are loaded into EA. If I have a lot of elements, it turns into a nightmare.


      Is there are way to prevent this behavior?