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    Tablet for test flying my ePubs from InDesign

    cgrscott Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CS5.5 and CS6 (for Mac OS) to create ePubs for one of my publishing customers.  I used Adobe Digital Editions to test their view-ability as well as emailed the ePub drafts to my iPod Touch to see how they view in iBooks.  When I open them in Kindle Previewer, I get a good sample of how they will view on various Kindle devices, when Mobi converted.  My customer is happy with how they view on his iPad but he was a little taken back when he learned that I don't have a tablet for test flying the ePubs I create for him.  I was thinking of getting an Apple Refurbished iPad 2 16GB Wifi for $318.  I noticed there are also Android Tablets like the Galaxy Note 10.1, from Samsung, and the Nexus 7, from Google, which both use the Android OS.


      Do the Android tablets use the ePub format for there purchased downloadable books, like the iPad?  Is the iPad the best device for test flying my ePubs if I'm going the purchase just one tablet?

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          IMO any professional who creates publications for tablet devices should own at least iPad, maybe Kindle Fire (in US) and Android as well. You can never be sure that everything works as it should in all those devices if you don´t run actual hard tests. And those devices are different. If some publications works in one, it does not guarantee it works in others.

          ePUBs may be a little bit better standardisized than other tablet publication techniques but I know the cases where ePUB has worked properly in iPad but not in other devices. And virtual simulators may not tell you the whole truth. Some people has lost their customers because of incomplete hard testing.


          Besides you can have lot´s of fun with those devices as well....

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            cgrscott Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, Petteri_Paananen, and thank you for your guidance in this matter.