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    Asking about the package that is created in Presenter.


      Hii, I wanted to ask can i use the package that Adobe Presenter creates (.prpkg) with moodle or any other open source CMS. I actually wanted to use it with moodle but coudnt find a way to upload it. I also found out that as Adobe Presenter is an authoring tool so it supports SCORM 2004 or AICC ,but still cant use it like other SCORM package which is in the form of .ZIP file.

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          The presenter package is used to transfer the presentation and not used for publishing.

          Hence you cant you the presentation package in any LMS or connect.

          Also before uploading to AICC or scorm have you enabled the reporting options inside presenter???

          If not please do the following

          1. Go to Quiz >> Manage

          2. Click on reporting tab

          3. Check the "Enable reporting" option adn select the LMS you want

          4. Then click on OK

          5. Publish the presentation as zip

          6. Upload it to connect/LMS you want the presentation to be hosted