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    Reset Default Stroke and Fill on Path Tools


      DUH! I've only done this task a million times before, and now I’m flummoxed. About the third weird thing in as many weeks . . .


      Here's what is what: a file I've used before with no problems, suddenly will not let me reset the default settings of no fill and 1 pt black stroke on the path tools. I know how to do it - make sure nothing is selected and then reset the default. Easy peasy.


      After I reset, it shows the default settings everywhere (tools panel, control panel, swatches panel) then after drawing the path, the object has no fill and no stroke. I've reset many times and finally understand the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result!


      I've also tried creating a local defaul with a Cyan fill and a Red stroke, and everything looks good to go, until I draw the rectangle. Then it's no fill and no stroke again.


      I'm almost embarrassed asking this question, but now I’d like to know if there is an answer. Is it possible the file is corrupted? If so, is there anything one can do to save the file? I tried doing a Save As and converting it to CS6 but that didn’t work. I’ve rebuilt the Preferences (again).


      Thank you (she says, sheepishly)


      P. Bell