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    Post processing capabilities in Adobe LiveCycle...




      My requirements are:

      1. To intermediately store output in an intermediate repository.

      2. To search the repository based on query to filter out output for packaging and dispatching.


      For example:

      I want to keep generated output of monthly banking statement and keep it in some repository. I will use a customer facing webapplication, where in user will key in his acount number, to retrieve his statement from respository based on the account number as primary key.


      Please suggest on the same.


      Thanks and regards,


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          Raghu Nagireddy Level 3

          Considerations: Environment: ES2 with IBM Content Manager connector

                                 Repository: IBM Content Manager

                                 Web UI/Database: UI able to call a LiveCycle Processes with some inputs and able to contact DB if required.


          1. When generating a statement we have some specific meta data (ex: customer details, stmt month etc)

          2. Generated stmt can be store in to IBM CM using the provided services(Create Item), while storing store the meta data also which returns a unique PID for this document. Update this unique PID in data base with corresponding record if existed already if not create new(metadata+PID).

          3. when retrieving the statement invoke the provided services(Retrieve Item) with this PID as input to view stmt on web interface. from UI can fetch the PID with a query using login details and which month or any other details of the statement.


          If need database elimination in the process, can be search directly on IBM CM using provided services(Search Items) and input the metadata supplied on step 1, if data base used can fetch the record directly. Based on the requirement can be add/modified the steps.