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    CS6 issue (Photoshop extension)

    DBarranca Level 4


      I've a customer of an extension of mine who reports Adobe Extension Manager CS6 (OSX Lion, AEM updated to 6.0.2) not installing because Photoshop with version ranging from 13.0 to 13.9 is required - I won't report the literal text because it's Dutch

      I've checked both manifest.xml and the extension's mxi - they correctly contains either:


                                    <Host Name="PHXS" Version="[13.0,13.9]"/>
                                    <Host Name="PHSP" Version="[13.0,13.9]"/>




        <product familyname="Photoshop" maxversion="13.9" primary="true" version="13.0"/>


      The bizarre thing is that (of course he has PS CS6) I've given him instruction to manual install files in the ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS6ServiceManager/extensions folder, nevertheless the panel is not getting listed in the Window - Extensions menu in PS.

      Is there any log file or debugging procedure I can write him to perform in order to get data and/or better understanding of his issue?

      Thanks in advance