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    Please help me with a spectacularly corrupt file


      Hey guys,
      I've been working on a file all morning, saving constantly, when Fireworks CS6 crashed due to a memory error.

      When I opened my file again, most of my progress was gone, but some of my progress was still there. For example, the nav bar I changed early in the morning on one layer was gone but recent images I imported in another layer was there. It's all very random.


      Thing is, I can still see my complete design when I open the file in Mac's (Mountain Lion) Preview so I suspect all my layers are still somehow in the file.

      A further twist -- I used Time Machine to retrieve versions of my file BEFORE the crash happened. But when I opened it in Fireworks, they're all corrupt too (though they still show the actual design in Preview)


      Is there a way to repair my file? Is there something broken with Fireworks itself that I can't even open the older files properly?