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    Why doesn't a RAW image placed in a Photoshop Document  pick up changes?


      I have just noticed that if you place a RAW image in a PSD(CS6), then tweak the RAW image using Camera RAW, the changes are not picked up by the PSD.


      I always try and keep my PSDs as open to change as possible and placing is a big part of this. Usually I place an image in a PSD, then if I edit the image outside the PSD, the changes are picked up in the PSD.


      With RAW this doesn't seem to happen. I have the following file-structure:


           -- someFolder

              -- somePSD

              -- someRAWFile

              -- someRAWFIleXMP


      What I'm doing:


      1. I drag the RAW File into the PSD.

      2. I open the RAW File and tweak it.

      3. Photoshop does not reflect the changes

      4. I drag the RAWFile into the PSD

      5. I then have the same placed RAW File with the changes reflected as well as the old placed RAWFile without them.


      So even though both placed images are the same image, they reflect the RAW File at the time it was placed, not at its current state which is surely the whole point of placing a file. It seems that the image is encoded with the RAW settings at the time it is imported, but these are never updated.


      What am I missing? Is this a bug or is there no point placing a RAW file?