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    CS6 - clips react slow




      I am working for a broadcast channel and as many others we are also thinking about switching from Final cut to a Adobe (only) workflow (After Effects - Premiere - Audition).


      This week I started testing CS6. There where many positive sides but I wanted to ask about a problem that made it unable for me to really work with it.


      I started doing the edit in premiere and moved over to incoperate some AE using dynamic link. Along the way the workprocess became so extremely slow because the clips in Premiere weren't really reacting. To be more specific: It took about 3/4 sec to move an individual clip.


      Here's some of my hard/software info:


      Model Identifier:MacPro5,1
        Processor Name:6-Core Intel Xeon
        Processor Speed:2,66 GHz
        Number Of Processors:2
        Total Number Of Cores:12
        L2 Cache (per core):256 KB
        L3 Cache (per processor):12 MB
        Memory:12 GB
        Processor Interconnect Speed:6.4 GT/s


      I hope there's a simple solution for this since I was and still am very excited about CS6.