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    InDesign CS4: Text variable in heading does not show in cross reference


      Hello All,


      I am using custom text variables for product names etc in my ID CS4 documents since this kind of information frequently changes (at least in my company it does ). Whenever I add a cross reference that targets such a heading, the content of the text variable is not shown in the cross reference.



      Text variable name: "ProductName BaseModule"

      Text variable content: "XYZ Base Module"

      Heading: "Installing the [ProductName BaseModule]"

      Cross reference: "... see section 1.3.1, «Installing the»" (the xref is in italics).



      • The blank just in front of the text variable in the heading actually disappears in the xref (probably thanks to ID's smart handling of blanks).
      • When selecting the xref target in the Edit Cross Reference dialog, I do not see the text variable content (I do, however, see frame anchors as "<Grafik>" tag on my German ID).
      • Same behavior regardless of whether the xref target is in the same or a different file.
      • Same behavior without blanks in the variable name.


      This seems to be similar to the problem in the InDesign CS5 - Problem with text variables in table of contents discussion.


      Has anybody else seen this behavior?


      Thanks a bundle