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    Deploy of 11.4.402.278 version with .MSI file


      After the deploy of 11.4.402.278 version with .MSI file, the Controll panel, falsh 32, tab advanced shows the 11.4.402.278 version.

      in control panel, install e remove application, the  Flash version is  always the preview 11.4.402.267 version.

      So i can't obtain a correct report with SpiceWorks(a scan network software)because the installed version remain the 11.4.402.267.

      If i install Flash 11.4.402.278 manually with the .exe files, in the installed application i find two versions installed and i must remove manually the 11.4.402.267 version.

      Before the 11.4.402.278.msi release everything worked well.

      For the deploy i use the Kaspersky Security Center Consolle.

      Any ideas?