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    Removing faulted frames in a video

    HV Quang


      I have a video recorded from a conversation by Fraps. However, the video is blinking please check these 2 frames:


      http://i.imgbox.com/advDizY4.jpg (good frame,sensored for privacy, sorry about that)

      http://i.imgbox.com/abfLJ77o.jpg (error frame)

      These 2 kinds of frame keep alternating so as a result, my video is blinking.

      I guess the faulted frame is because of the framerate number (the red number shown at the bottom left). Is it possible to remove all of these frames in after effect?

      Is it possible to use some kind of mask to remove them? I am dont know much about masking so if anyone confirm, I can learn it.

      Thank you for your help.