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    Invisible paging to TileList

      I am trying to show a huge amount of data from the database on a TileList. What I am doing now is I am querying the data from the database through amfphp and then returning the result as an ArrayCollection that populates the TileList's dataprovider.

      While this may run quite okay on my local computer, I am worry it may not be the case when I upload it to a remote server because the number of records querying from the database is roughly around a few thousands.

      Is there a way to do an implicit paging to the TileList so that it will load the data only when it is needed to display? So for example, if the TileList is only showing 30 tiles now, and when the user scrolls down, it will load probably another 10 or so depending on how much the user has scrolled down and then append the new loaded data to the TileList.

      If you have a better suggestion for such large dataset situation, do enlighten me a bit too. The implicit paging still seems a bit not that good to me because it kind of looks weird to see the thumb of the scrollbar becoming smaller as the data appends to the TileList.