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    lightbox with video

    loxfear Level 1

      hello guys,


      i tryed to use this lightbox today in edge



      and i got it working


      what i did:


      put this in the stages action on composition rdy:


      $("<script src='js/mootools.js'></script>").appendTo("#Stage" );

      $("<script src='js/swfobject.js'></script>").appendTo("#Stage");

      $("<script src='js/videobox.js'></script>").appendTo("#Stage" );

      $("<link rel='stylesheet' href='css/videobox.css' media='screen'/>").appendTo("#Stage" );


      and added this to a rect's action on mouse dwn:

      Videobox.open("your video page url","your caption","vidbox widht height");