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    Convert path to line?

    jamesbrighton99 Level 1

      I have a vector shape. I want to take one side of the shape and take those points to make a new line. Thanks

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          groove25 Level 4

          I'd suggest cloning the vector shape (Edit > Clone) and then using the Subselection tool to select the points you don't need and deleting them. (To avoid selecting the original object, turn off its visibility or lock it in the Layers panel.) Then perhaps add a stroke to the line in the Properties panel, etc.


          If this doesn't work, feel free to include a graphic explaining your case in more detail. Also, check out the Path panel (Window > Path), as it has a lot of useful Path and Point-related commands.

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            jamesbrighton99 Level 1

            If I delete points the object still has a path and a fill. Eg if I had a square and I deleted one of the points, the result is a triangle not a line with a right angle in it.


            How can I 'open' the object so the path is a line and doesnt have any fill. Thanks

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              groove25 Level 4

              Did you have a look at the Path panel? To open the path, you might try "Open/Close Contours", within the Alter Paths set.


              Path panel.png


              To remove the fill on a selected object, use the Properties panel. (Set the fill to None.)

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                groove25 Level 4

                I should also mention that the Knife tool can be used to open a closed path. I think the easiest way to do this is to drag with the Knife tool across a segment you'd like to delete. This creates a new point, and if you delete that point, the path will become an open one. (It's a bit mysterious how that works...)


                You can also click the Knife tool on a point, but this typically creates two points in place of one, which I find a bit confusing. (Does it create just one new point? Or does it create two new points surrounding the original?)


                You can also drag the Knife tool across the entire object. Come to think of it, this may be the best way to use this tool, as it seems to immediately split the closed path into two open paths. From there, you can select and delete the portion of the original object you don't need, and then continue to delete any unneeded points from the remaining open path with the Subselection tool.

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