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    Conditional Build RH9


      I am applying conditional build tags to several topics. I have two separate publishing destinations for Webhelp output. One should display the tagged topics, and the other should not. It appears as though I have to go in there and change the settings each time I publish.


      There are two Content Categories in Webhelp Settings:

      • "Underwriting,"  the default for our internal online help. I created a Single Source Layout path to publish it to the "Internal" file directory. When I want to publish here, I check the INTERNAL server in Webhelp Settings > Publish.
      • "Brokers," the version that has to have several topics blocked. I set it up to publish to the "Broker" file directory. When I want to publish here, I check the EXTERNAL server in Webhelp Settings > Publish.


      The Broker content category has the conditional tag "NOT Brokers." The Underwriting content category does not have any conditional tags.


      The only way it seems to work properly is if I go into Content Categories and set the default to Brokers, and then go into Publish and check the external server. Then I have to go in and change the default back to Underwriting and go into Publish to select the internal server.


      Is there any way to set this up so Robohelp knows what goes where without me having to fiddle with the defaults and publishing settings every single time? Ideally, I would like to be able to check both the internal and the external file server on the Publish screen and upload them both at once, and have the correct data blocked from the external drive. Is this possible?