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    how to restart alternate fills from first colour once they've been interrupted by a different style?

    goatian Level 1

      Love alternate fills - hate that they don't seem to like being interrupted by new subheads which look different, after which I'd like the alternate fills to restart from first colour.

      So, for e.g., there are 10 brands, each followed by a varying number of products.

      1st brand is styled as a subhead (no fill), great. Following alternate fills then begin. Lovely.

      2nd brand enters stage. It has to override alternate styling, though, in order to stand out.

      However, ID table doesn't know how to restart at first alternate colour after this interruption.

      Meaning that each brand has to have a separate table - most unInDesign like, which is so well geared up for long documents and linked text boxes.

      (my tables average about  150-200 rows - with about 10 categories per table).

      Got a horrible feeling I'm missing something really obvious - which hopefully some hawkeye can point ou to me!