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    Hyperlinking to pages

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1

      I'm not seeing consistency in the ID interface. I've got a bunch of pages where the ends of the paragraphs are hyperlinked to more distant pages at the end of the document. I've successfully hyperlinked some of them, as evidenced by the PDF I create now and then to check. On the right side of my screen are those hyperlinks. But, in starting up again, I'm having trouble creating more hyperlinks. When I created my next one, ID told me that that hyperlink already exists. But, it's not there in the hyperlinks palettte on the right. So, how can I manage it if I can't see it?


      I'm kind of flummoxed as to whether to use right-click to start these hyperlinks, or, do it all from the palette on the right. I've tried to be formal about it and I've been using just the right-side palette. But, why won't it let me continue to create page links. That's all they are. Just links to pages.