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    Need customizable date picker…

    Applied CD Level 1
      I need a fairly flexible date picker like the kind frequently used on airline reservation sites. The user must be able to select and highlight a date on one calendar and the application will highlight a range of dates on two other calendars. The user should be able to scroll the calendars by month retaining the proper highlights.

      I’m aware of the flash component date picker. It gives me the user selection functionality but I don’t see a way to highlight a range of dates programmatically … also … I’m not a big fan of the high level stock flash components … they never seem to look like an organic part of the design.

      Right now my best hope is a modification of Openspark’s enhanced text calendar behavior however this is the first time I’m doing detailed work with chunk expressions and text formatting. Has someone already made a similar mod to this behavior or is there a canned xtra that might do what I need?
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          Chunick Level 3
          I'm actually in the middle of writing a date object which includes the ability to generate a propertly list in calendar format... with the date functions I've written and the calendar list along with some imaging lingo I could probably write something up that will fit your needs... some development time would be needed... contact me off list if you're interested... j chunick at gmail...
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            Applied CD Level 1
            Thanks Josh,

            An imaging lingo solution would certainly be a nice touch and if you add those features I’d be interested for future projects, however, for this particular project I’ve already gone ahead and hacked Openspark’s code to put little boxes behind the selected date or date range. From the user’s perspective it looks nice although I have to admit the way I’ve got it coded it’s not terribly elegant or portable.

            - Bob