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    SSD snappy? Not really...

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Lots of people say SSD's give a more snappy feeling about boot times. Well, not really.


      Building a new system and tuning it for the first time, I noticed that boot times are around 90 seconds. But this includes automatic logon to the domain, applying user profile and settings, etc. Admitted, this is over a VPN connection, not with a local server.


      This is a new system as documented here: http://ppbm7.com/index.php/intro-part-1


      Measurement is from the moment one presses the Power switch untill the Metro interface is ready with Win8-64 Enterprise UK. This is still without the planned Areca card and the staggered spin-up, which will only increase boot times.


      BTW, even though meaningless for Premiere Pro performance, the WEI shows these results at this moment, before serious overclocking with a base clock of 4.0 GHz and DDR3-2133:




      The message is, don't expect too much from an SSD, despite all the hype.