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    When I attempt to transition a project from RH7 HTML to RH9 HTML it hangs. HELP!


      I have been using Robohelp 7 for a few years to edit and update our online help document. I had started with RH6 then made a smooth transition when upgrading to 7. I admit that I don't know Robohelp very well since I use it only twice a year, but enough to make edits and create/delete topics in the TOC.


      Early in 2011 we upgraded to Robohelp 9. When I attempted to transition my RH7 HTML project in RH9 HTML it ran and ran; not responding. I didn't have time to troubleshoot so I continued using 7 and procrastinated. Now I must fix it and make RH9 work. Can anyone help me?  Does the complexity of the project matter? It is a few hundred TOC pages and about 4 different TOC book levels.


      When I launch RH9 HTML I can create a new project. So that version does work OK.


      Thank you.