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    Changing another director's files


      It's been a while since I've used director, so pls. bear with me...

      A person in our department made a CD-ROM using director years ago and has since then left the company.
      Recently, we noticed something in the CD-ROM that needs to be changed throughout the project (just the name of one of our clients, which appears in several scenes).

      Can I, using Director, open and somehow change the files (I copied the entire CD-ROM content to my desktop).

      How should I proceed?

      Many thanks,

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          You can only make changes if you have access to the source files. The
          file extension will be .dir. If you have the .dir file that the program
          was compiled from, then you can make any changes you need. If all you
          have is the published exe, then you will not be able to make changes easily.
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            many thanks ;)
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              Hi L,

              Just expanding slightly on what Mike said. DIR format is what you want a sit will
              open in Director and you can edit and save the files.
              DCR - Shockwave compressed file - is protected and cannot be opened in Director.
              DXR - Protected file created using the Xtras > Update process in Director. A DXR
              cannot be opened in Director. It is a good format to use for distributed files on
              a CD to prevent people accessing your Director code.

              Hopefully you have a backup of the DIRs so you can make the changes easily. If
              they are in a different version to the one you're using now (like were made with
              Director 7 and you're using MX 04), then you should update all the files and test
              to ensure nothing obsolete was used in the old version that may not work in the
              newer one.


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                Even if the files are protected there is a way to change it. But it depends
                on. If there are any *.CXT files. Change it with your *.CST file which
                contains scripts useful to make changes (like replace bitmap member). By
                ussing message window you can execute your scripts and change members in
                other files (even scripts but you cant get it's source).

                If there are only dxr, dcr files I dont know any method to exploit it (for
                now ;-) )