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    Vista Enterprise, Fireworks C3: Internal error

      I have a consistent problem with Fireworks CS3 that I rarely had in version 8.x and it seems to be related to memory management. I've been using Adobe and Macromedia products for many years (Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver, etc. since version 1.x of each), so I think I have a pretty good sense of how to work around problems when they occur, but there isn't much work around for the problems I've been having. I'm having two related problems with CS3: trying to have 2 files open at once ("Internal Error occured" when I try to open a second file -- what ever happened to user friendly error messages?), and closing a file after saving it (Fireworks just crashes).

      I realize that my files are relatively large and push Fireworks' DB to the max (59 frames, 25 layers is average), but I do as much as I can, as I work, to minimize file size and DB size. These files aren't much different than the ones I created in version 8, but in version 8 crashes were rare -- when everything slowed to a crawl (memory leak), you just closed everything, quit FW and re-launched it so you could work another 6 or 8 hours before having to do this again. It was frustrating, but nothing is more frustrating than Internal Error messages and crashes.

      I have to wonder if Adobe is not putting enough resources into the FW dev team on purpose so it will die a slow death and users will move to Photoshop. Both apps have their strengths and weaknesses, but one does not replace the other, so I hope Adobe will do something soon to fix these memory problems.